We help (re-)build the country. Our technology of surveying and processing of data enables more intelligent and efficient infrastructure management.

We provide the cost or time advantages with respect to data acquisition. Our unmanned aerial vehicles are launched to take high-resolution aerial images of a subject land area (each of the 16 megapixels of each shot corresponds to anywhere from 4-8 sq. cm of subject land area), coordinates of which are pre-programmed via portable computer in a flight route. We are able to cover hard to reach subjects so long as the control computer signal  can communicate with the drone, usually at a 2-kilometer radius.  A single flight of 25-40 minutes is enough to cover 50-100 hectares of land area. 

In addition, our data processing competency mines richer data, both quantity and quality-wise, and converts the data to usable information through our computerized analytics.  We stitch the images together to develop an orthophoto, or a mosaic photo of all the images overlapping with each other at around 60% of surface area, which, in aid of appropriate software, can be rendered in 3D.  Embedded in all photo images are much more data that can be mined to provide the client with length, width, area, depth and slope information.

Finally, clients that need to communicate these data in understandable and user-friendly form may be aided by a Geographical Information System (GIS) that we can design and/or install in a suitable platform for easy access.